Shenzhen Dongdi Technology Co., LTD. Specializes in r&d, production and sales of microphone, loudspeaker, buzzer, etc. The company adheres to the market demand-oriented, technological innovation as the driving force, based on quality assurance, based on the field of intelligent materials and electro-acoustic components, to provide high-quality and reliable electro-acoustic components and transducers for the benefit of the human society. All kinds of products are widely used in high-end automotive electronics, household appliances, IT digital, communication terminals, health and beauty and textile machinery, as well as Marine and aerospace, satellite positioning, national defense technology and other fields. Many of the company’s r&d products have been awarded national invention patents, filling the domestic gap.

The company engaged in professional fields for 16 years, currently has 500 employees, set up a technology research and development center, engineering development center and three business units, including 85 developers engaged in technical engineering research, various types of equipment and instruments more than 400 sets, the establishment of a reliability laboratory, and with ISO9001:2008, ISO14001:2004 certificate, with a number of well-known universities set up a research and development base.

Over the past 16 years, the world has been changing rapidly, but we continue to work deep into the field, adhere to the promotion of independent innovation capabilities, and constantly integrate cutting-edge research and lean manufacturing advantages, to ensure that customers can be competitive prices to obtain high-quality products and thoughtful service, won the favor and affirmation of many well-known customers.



Our strengths

Adopt international standard quality

United domestic and foreign well-known institutions to carry out product development, integration of international advanced design concepts, accelerate product innovation.

Advanced technology and equipment

The introduction of domestic industry more advanced automatic injection molding machine, mold processing.Equipment, automatic packaging systems and other production equipment.

Precision product inspection

Since its instidaminity on adhering to the quality of the business philosophy to build China’s first brand of electro-acoustic components, quality assurance.

Our products