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Communications industry

Such as mobile phones, wireless phones, buzzers are an indispensable part of high-intelligence communications products.

Computer peripheral products

Such as modems, digital cameras, uninterruptible power supply, computer motherboard and so on.

Household appliances

Such as air conditioning, microwave oven, coffee maker, soy milk machine, all touch, prompt or alarm sound, all from the buzzer.

About Us

Shenzhen Dongdi Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 2009, is a professional engaged in microphone, loudspeaker, buzzer high-tech enterprises. Dongdi Electronic Technology has the industry’s first-class senior product technical team and automated production lines. With first-class product quality, professional technical support and sincere service attitude, we have established long-term cooperative relations with many famous listed company customers.

Over the years, Dongdi Electronic Technology has devoted itself to researching, developing, manufacturing and promoting the advanced technology of electro-acoustic components. Its products are widely used in more than 20 industries such as mobile communication industry, mobile phone, tablet, smart wearable, smart home, Internet of Things, medical electronics, educational equipment, on-board electronics, security and defense.

News Updates

What is a mechanical buzzer

What is a mechanical buzzer?  The mechanical buzzer is a special sub-category of the electromagnetic buzzer, which consists of an oscillator, an electromagnetic coil, a magnet, a casing and etc.      Unlike ordinary electromagnetic buzzers, the vibrating piece of the mechanical buzzer is mounted on the outer casing, and its frequency is generally low, around 0.5 kHz. The general electromagnetic buzzer is around 2 kHz.      What is the pronunciation principle of mechanical buzzer?      After the power is turned on (as […]

Wholesale Buzzer for Forehead Thermometer

Due to the influence of COVID-19, "body temperature measurement" is already a daily need of people. Therefore, the forehead thermometer is another popular product after masks, alcohol, disinfection water and other epidemic prevention materials.       The circuit of the forehead gun is relatively simple. It is mainly an MCU, an EEPROM, and a buzzer. There are several buttons on the outside, an infrared temperature sensor, a small LCD screen or a digital tube, and a battery.       MOJING […]

Chinese SMD buzzer-analysis of its application

The SMD buzzer can be called a signaling device found in electronics. Generally, SMD buzzers are used in home appliances and automobiles. It also consists of multiple switches and sensors connected to a control unit. Devices usually determine which control button is currently available. SMD buzzers were previously based on the operation of electromechanical systems. In this case, the system will sound an alert to warn the user. The sound usually comes in the form of a continuous buzz and can also […]